• Schumann: Fantasiestucke Op 12, (Vii) Traumes Wirren

Fiachra Garvey

Hello and thanks for visiting my website!

I am currently navigating my way though life as a concert pianist, based between Ireland and the UK. For more explicit details please see the “About” section!

Credit for my early introduction to music has to go to a very old family friend, Mrs. Amreich, who fled Vienna for Ireland with her family during World War II. She was one of the most cultured people I’ve ever met, and she forcefully encouraged my parents to ensure that I received a classical musical education. She gave me my first piano at the age of 5, an old upright which I still have at home in Wicklow to this day. Sadly “Ms. A” (as I knew her) is no longer with us, but she is lovingly remembered by all my family.

Having grown up on a farm, animals have always been a significant part of my life, as well as music. Before my BA Degree in Music I was studying veterinary medicine at UCD. I absolutely loved the veterinary programme, but in my 2nd year realised if I didn’t give music a proper “go”, I would always regret it, so I went back to full time music. I would however love to finish my veterinary degree someday, and in fact I’m determined to die a qualified vet as well as a pianist!

When I am not performing or practising, I love nothing more than being out farming on the Wicklow mountains busy with Cheviot and Suffolk sheep, suckler cows, horses, hens and Luas and Blaithín my gorgeous rough-collie sheepdogs. I find this brings balance and perspective to my life as well as another dimension to my musical interpretations. Aside from piano I love outdoor activities, in particular going on midnight swims in various lakes, seas and oceans around Ireland and aboard with my amazing friends.

The West Wicklow Festival 2021
I am hugely excited to announce our fifth festival which will build on the enormous success of previous years. The festival runs from the 26th to 30th May 2021. 


Classical Vauxhall 2021
I am playing Classical Vauxhall, London with the Navarra Quartet, Elena Urioste (violin), Tom Poster (piano), Jess Gillam (saxophone), Zeynep Ozsuca (piano), Hanna Hipp (mezzo-soprano) and Emma Abbate (piano). The series runs from 18th – 21st March 2021.